5 Lies About History You Had No Idea About !

1. Discovery of America:

Our history books will constantly speak volumes about how Columbus found that the American Continent in 1492. But a lot of people don’t understand that Vikings were the first European to have drifted into the New World at the next portion of their 10th Century. That’s also when the initial hereditary contact had occurred.

2. Napoleon and the Sphinx’s Nose:

The famed monument The fantastic Sphinx of Giza is popularly known because of not having a nose. It is said that the army of Napoleon destroyed it while battling the Turks in the year 1798. This narrative of Napoleon was later proven incorrect by the portrayal of the statue without the nose at the year 1737 from the notes of Danish Traveler Frederic Norden.

3. Stonehenge:

This biggest puzzle on the planet is famous for the continuous theory that comes out every now and then. But initially, it seemed completely different than it is now. The recovery of the monument was pioneered by William Gowland in 1901. Then, Stonehenge hasn’t seemed exactly like it used to seem before.

4.Van Gogh and his Ear:

It is a popular misconception that the artist has cut off his ear and had it shipped to his dear. The true episode says that this occurred during a conflict between Van Gogh and his buddy Paul Gaugin. Throughout the battle, Van Gogh assaulted his buddy with a razor, and researchers say that Vincent, out of remorse cut Van’s earlobe precisely the same night.

5. Vikings’ Horned Helmets:

We’ve been seeing with the Vikings in the movies always portrayed with the horned helmets. On the other hand, the archaeologists are yet to obtain the shape of the helmets that the Vikings used to utilize. Horned helmets were just sketched on the Vikings’ tombs. Researchers say that these helmets were just a part of their rituals, but not wars. Additionally, these helmets came into use since the bronze age, centuries ahead of the Vikings came into existence.





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