6 Proofs that Life is Totally Difficult in Japan!

1. They hide distress under a smile:

Many tourists in Japan tend to be mistaken by the smile of the individuals there. Japan observes a high suicide rate (main reason being losing a job), and also the amount of lonely people is at an all-time high. Nevertheless, the Japanese believe that any distress ought to be concealed behind a smile. They even have a proverb for it that says, “Smile while you suffer inside“. Japanese kids are taught in their birth to not ruin the social harmony with their mood.

2. Japanese work addiction is possible only in Japan:

Changing jobs is not typical for the Japanese people. It is theoretically ideal in Japan if one starts working for a company at a young age and keep working there for the remainder of their life. The colleagues collectively come to be the next household, as the Japanese perform nearly 12-15 hours each day. If the coworkers of a worker are still working in the business, he/she will probably be too shy to depart the company. There is also an individual expression called karoshi, which denotes dying due to overwork.

3. Seeing drunken people on the sidewalk is not unusual:

Since the Japanese lack the alcohol-splitting receptor, alcohol isn’t in any way good for them. Consequently, it’s normal if you find someone sleeping on the sidewalk. People also leave their unfinished bottle using their last name written on it in almost any restaurant, and it shall wait till their next visit there. A good deal of Japanese individuals have shops of alcohol in different locations.

4. The whole family uses the same bathwater:

The modern apartments are equipped only with a shower unit. The bath is installed only in the nation homes. And because of the high costs of the water source, it’s luxury to have a bath. Japanese mainly have a bath to just relax, and it is necessary for all the family members to shower before getting in. That’s only one of the reasons for your bathwater remaining clean.

5. In Japan, it is possible to adopt an adult:

There are a lot of things the Japanese people do because of their family’s sake and in order to extend their family name, which makes it possible to adopt an adult in Japan. Some individuals even adopt their daughter’s husband, as well as vice-versa. The daughter’s husband can adopt her parents too. By doing this, they distribute the inheritance to a far bigger amount of people, thus saving a great deal of taxes.

6. Streets don’t have names, only numbers:

A location in Japan is explained in the following sequence, prefecture, city, district, department, house, and flat. The initial 3 details just are named, whereas the other three are just indexed. In a district, the roads are indexed randomly. This may make a problem in finding a home.

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