6 Of The Strangest And Bizarre Bedroom Accidents!

Can you imagine that a serious injury or death while having sex? It seems horrible.

Making love in bed can be the best thing for anybody, but couples often suffer unbelievable events in their own bedroom. Deficiency of consciousness and precaution can mess up your joyous moments. People have suffered painful injuries while having intercourse. Few of them lost their lives while the rest got serious harms.

These tragedies appear weird and strange but are totally correct.

1. Death by nipple clamps.

Some crazy men and women utilize electrifying nipple clamps through a power strip. That’s too risky and frequently cause injuries or even death.

2. Viagra overdose.

According to a report by Dailymail, a Yemeni guy died of a Viagra overdose as he ready to sleep with his bride in their very first day. Overdose of viagra raises the chance of heart attack and death.

3. Death by a condom.

Many bedroom deaths have been reported from the condom. The dangers of condom choking during oral sex is significantly greater. A report by Metro UK claims that a thrill-seeker murdered himself by pulling a condom over his mind to attempt and provide himself a sexual high. Still another report by Mirror UK states a nude man died after placing a condom full of laughing gas on his mind.

4. Death during rooftop romance.

A nude teenaged couple died after falling from south east London balcony ‘while using sex’ final year. The roof was slippery from rain and they dropped from 50 feet elevation.

5. Cat attacks.

One of the Yahoo users shared her experience just like this – while under the covers my cat was attacking me during intercourse. She had been jumping on biting and my me but merely me, not him. Does anybody know why she’s behaving like that? She has never done it before.

6. Broken penis.

Former Ultimate Fighter Ray Elbe disclosed he had sustained a broken penis during intercourse with his girlfriend.

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