Here are the 7 Weirdest Prohibitions Around the World!

1. Thailand, You shall not step on money

Well, travelers of Thailand have a regulation they will need to recall. They ought to care for stepping onto a coins or bills that have the portraits of venerable citizens of Thailand engraved on them.

2. Canada, You cannot pay only for a change:

If you are in Canada, you can’t accept out coins out of your savings buy something with it. The Canadian Government introduced legislation in 1985 that prohibits using coins independently in the event the total cost of the buy extends past 10 dollars.

3. The USA, Banned Kinder Surprise:

These cute little chocolate beans are banned in the US right from when they appeared. The US laws don’t allow any toy inside the food packaging to prevent the children choking on the little toy components, and hence the ban.

The very first Kinder sold in the USA in 2013. These eggs may sold in the condition that the toys inside them are big and made of a single part.

4. Italy, It’s against the law to feed the pigeons:

Ordinarily, there’s nothing wrong in feeding a hungry pigeon, but it considered prohibited in Venice, also punishable by fine. The objective of this law is to prevent the pigeons from soiling the architectural monuments and the beautiful statues.

5. France, It’s illegal to kiss at stations:

Lovers will refrain from kissing each other in France, and also this legislation goes for some channels in the united kingdom too.

The legislation was introduced in the year 1910 when many trains were delayed due to couples that did not wish to part. Going by this, the police took the measure of banning kissing whatsoever of the railway platforms. Nevertheless, they left special “kissing zones” where the lovers can share a couple minutes of tenderness together.

6. China, You can’t rescue the drowning:

The mysterious East mentality has not made any exceptions in regards to the laws of China. One of those laws prohibits rescuing the drowning people.

The Eastern doctrine that says that it is immoral to interfere with someone’s fate. However, there are cynics think that the Chinese Government has introduced this law in order to restrain the population of the nation.

7.The United Kingdom, It’s prohibited to eat biscuits on Christmas Day:

In the United Kingdom. Oliver Cromwell enforced a ban on celebrating Christmas in 1644. The reason behind this was that he thought to observe Christmas was incorrect. A couple of features like sweet buns and biscuits had been formally prohibited on the Christmas Day.

It is surprising there hasn’t been a single act made in order to abolish Cromwell’s law enforcement. Therefore, if you’re eating a biscuit on the Christmas Day as an Englishman, you are technically breaking the law, but nobody really cares.



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