This Is Why PUBG Players Should Quit PLAYING PUBG Game

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Recently, there has been a lot of cases regarding People ,and This Is Why PUBG Players Should Quit PLAYING PUBG Game getting died or killed or loosing mental balance due to playing of this mobile game known as PUBG . These are the players who play PUBG throughout the day and loose their lives because of this.

stop pubg, pubg ban, pubg cases, pubg divorce

There has been many instances regarding this game and a lot of people are facing a high temper issue in their normal life because of this game.

Before going deep into this issue, lets discuss how this game works.

At the start of the game, the air plane consists of nearly 100 players and you can play Solo/Duo/Squad, where as solo is for single, duo is a team of 2 people and Squad is a team of 4 members and at the start of the game the  people in the game jumps off the flight to various locations in the map and around about 30 minutes they will kill other players in the game to win the game. The game itself says “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” if you or your teammates wins the game.

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Now, coming to This Is Why PUBG Players Should Quit PLAYING PUBG Game we will be sharing some instances that recently happened with few people playing PUBG!

1. A fitness trainer from Jammu lost his mental balance while playing PUBG and ended up in Hospital

The Fitness Trainer from Jammu started playing PUBG recently and got addicted to it, and soon he started hurting himself as he loose the game.

2. A Man Left His Family and Pregnant Wife To Play PUBG

A Man Reported By India Today, left his family and his pregnant wife because he was been “disturbed” while playing PUBG and completing his daily missions.

3. A Chinese boy jumped off a building when allegedly being influenced by PUBG.

The adolescent plunged to his death from his uncle’s fourth-floor lodging in Haimen, China last year. He was reportedly taking part in PUBG, on his iPad before his death.

4. A Kurdish man UN agency was playacting PUBG accidentally killed his friend with a piece.

According to Fossbytes, one amongst the victim’s friends control the gun as players neutralize PUBG whereas they shot a photograph of a similar. Since they were unaware that the piece was loaded, he shot his friend accidentally while playing around with the gun.

5. A Pune youth’s addiction to PUBG apparently caused him to lose a whole school year.

According to Medical Mantra, the boy started showing severe symptoms of addiction towards the sport whentaking part in it for a year. once his oldsters noticed it, they tried to require away his movable from him, thatcreated him violent. He has even allegedly lost a tutorial year because of his addiction that spiralled out of management.

6. A couple got single once the girl refused to revive her husband’s character and instead revived another player.

Due to the incident,The Islamic religious Authority issued a opinion against PUBG as a result of they deemed that it absolutely was a ‘waste of time’.

7. A metropolis youth committed suicide when being denied a smartphone to play PUBG.

According to the days of India, the adolescent took the intense step once he was denied a high-end smartphone to play the sport. Feeling agitated, he adorned himself from a ceiling fan within the room of his residence.

8. A Boy lost his life while playing PUBG in Madhya Pradesh due to cardiac arrest.

After playing PUBG for continuously 6 hours, a 16-year-old student of class XII named Furqan Qureshi from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh Suffered to a major cardiac arrest recently and lost his life.

9. Woman Asks Divorce as Husband Stops Her From Playing PUBG

A 19-year-old Ahmedabad lady recently wished for a divorce from her husband, not due to any domestic feud, however as a result of her vast addiction for the PUBG. The husband apparently failed to like her obsession with PUBG and refused to let her play.

To conclude with ” This Is Why PUBG Players Should Quit PLAYING PUBG Game” you can watch out for what is the result of people playing this game. Do Share this Story if you think you should stop someone from Playing PUBG.

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